L’amour de Loin

This is going to be good. Along with the great grandpeople, and of course with pictures supplied by the artists, I’ve been working on the booklet for the performance of Kaija Saariahoa and Amin Maalouf’s opera L’amour de loin.

At the centre of the performance is Elmgreen & Dragsets film-adaptation of the opera, to be shown on a gigantic screen. Apart from looking good (from what I’ve seen, anyway), it's contains interesting parallelization of romantic longing in the middle ages vs. romantic longing in the age of the internets.

Pdf of the booklet for download here.
Performances on 21 May and 22 May.

(Update: Eh, ‘working on’ is perhaps a bit vague: I'm doing the typesetting.)

Oh, and apparently this blog is language agnostic from now. For now.

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